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Supported Apps allows the connection of leading sports apps. These apps can be connected so that can receive sports activities or daily steps, which are then added to one of the challenges.

Here is a table with all supported services:

Service Daily Steps Sports Activities GPS Available for Sports Activities Sports Activity Recording with Phone
Garmin Connect Garmin Connect ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_polar.png Polar Flow ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_suunto.png Suunto ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_fitbit.png Fitbit ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_uacf.png MapMy... ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_decathlon.png Decathlon Coach ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_health_mate.png Health Mate (Withings) ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_addidas.png Adidas Running (Runtastic) ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_wahoo.png Wahoo ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_googlefit.png Google Fit ✅︎
service_healthconnect.png Health Connect ✅︎
service_iphone.png Apple Health ✅︎ ✅︎ ✅︎
service_samsung.png Samsung Health ✅︎

Can't find your favorite app?

How to choose an activity recording service?

We have compiled factors to consider when choosing a sports app to record your sports activities. Remember, you can connect more than one service, so you can test multiple services and choose the one that best meets your capabilities and needs.

Recording activities with a phone:

If you don't have a sports watch and want to record activities with your phone, check if the sports app allows you to do so. For the everyday user, this is the most accessible option, as no additional sports watch is needed for recording activities.

Recording activities with a sports watch:

If you use a sports watch, check if it can connect to the specific brand's sports app.

Recording daily steps with a phone:

If you want to participate in step challenges and you don't have a sports watch, you can do so with your phone.

Recording daily steps with a watch:

If you use a sports watch for daily step counting, check if the specific brand's watch can be connected to DistantRace.

GPS data:

Not all services allow us to receive your activity GPS data (activity route), so we recommend using a service that provides GPS data, as in most challenges, GPS data is a mandatory requirement for activities to be counted in the results.

How to connect a sports app to your DistantRace account?

To synchronize sports activities and participate in virtual challenges and sports competitions, you need to connect a sports app to your DistantRace account. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Log in to your DistantRace profile and go to the homepage.

  2. Go to "Connections": On your profile homepage, find the "Connections" section. In this section, you will have the opportunity to manage all your connections with external services, including connecting and disconnecting sports apps.

  3. Choose the type of connection: Choose whether you want to connect a sports app or one of the authorization services, such as "Facebook" or "Google". Sports services can be used for sports data synchronization, while authorization services can be used to access your DistantRace account.

  4. Connect the app: Choose the specific service you want to connect and press the "Connect" button next to the selected service.

  5. Follow further instructions: After pressing the "Connect" button, you will be redirected to the official website of the selected service. Follow the further instructions on that website. Most likely, you will need to use the email and password of your chosen service account to establish a connection with your DistantRace account, thereby giving permission for DistantRace to receive data from your account in the selected service.
    ❗❗❗Note: Some services may ask for permission to access specific data. Carefully check if you have marked all permissions (if any) for us to receive your data.

  6. Return to your DistantRace profile: After completing the connection process, you will be redirected back to the DistantRace website. From this moment, the connection will be established, and you will be able to synchronize your sports activities with your DistantRace account. It is important to remember that historical activities are not synchronized - the synchronization process starts only after the connections are made.

How to disconnect a sports app from your DistantRace account?

If you no longer wish to have a sports app connected to your account, you can easily disconnect it. To remove app integration, follow these steps:

  1. Open your profile: Log in to and go to your profile.

  2. Go to "Connections": In your profile, find the "Connections" section. Here you can manage your integrations with sports and authorization apps.

  3. Find the app you wish to disconnect: Under the appropriate integration type (sports or authorization apps), find the app you want to disconnect.

  4. Disconnect the service: Next to the app icon, there is a button named "Disconnect". Click this button.

  5. Confirm the service disconnection: After clicking the button, you will be directed to a confirmation screen. Confirm your decision to disconnect the app.

  6. The integration is disconnected: After confirmation, the app integration will be removed from your account. Your sports activity data will no longer be synchronized with this app.

With the ability to disconnect apps from, you fully control which apps are connected to your account and can manage your integrations as needed.