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How to submit steps with Samsung Health?

Health Connect is the recommended way to obtain data from Samsung health (both Samsung phones and watches). Note that we can only obtain data if Health Connect is installed on the phone.

Health Connect is built in from Android 14. If you have an older version, you need to install Health Connect from Google Play Store.

  1. Install Health Connect
  2. Allow Samsung Health to connect with Health Connect
    Go to the Samsung Health app, open settings and choose Health Connect. Allow all necessary permissions for Samsung Health.
  3. Enable Samsung Health sync with Samsung Cloud
    Without enabling this, Samsung Health doesn't sync with Health Connect.
  4. Allow access to Health Connect in the DistantRace app
    More information on how to do this can be found here.

After creating the connection, make sure the steps appear in DistantRace. The initial step retrieval may take a few minutes. If they do not appear after some time, contact DistantRace support.

Samsung Health

How to submit sports activities from Samsung Health

Samsung Health does not directly send sports activities to DistantRace, but it is possible to add Samsung Health to MapMyRun and MapMyRun to DistantRace.