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Connect with Strava

If you use the Strava app daily, you have the opportunity to connect this app to The Strava app offers to synchronize sports activities (not daily steps).

  1. Create accounts on both and Strava (you might already have an account there).

  2. Connect Strava to In your account, there is a section "Connections". Find Strava and click "Connect".

  3. Authorize data receipt from Strava

    By clicking the "Connect" button, you will be redirected to the Strava website. Log in to your Strava account and authorize access to the data. To synchronize activities, you need to give access to your activities.

  4. Synchronize Strava sports activities

    Once the connection is successfully established, your sports activities from Strava will automatically be loaded into For a sports activity, the start time, activity time, distance, route, and other metrics will be loaded.

  5. View loaded activities

    All loaded activities can be viewed in the profile section "Workouts".

How to record activities with a mobile phone?

We have prepared instructions: How to record a sports activity using the Strava app

Possible connection issues

The most common problem is different accounts. One Strava account is connected on the phone where activities are recorded, but another account is connected to

You can identify the Strava account ID connected to DistantRace in the "Connections" section under the added Strava account. This ID can help determine if you have multiple Strava accounts. Here's how to check your Strava:

  1. Compare Strava account IDs::
  • Open the Strava website with a web browser.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Check the user ID in the URL and compare it with the one displayed in your DistantRace "Connections" under the added Strava account.
  • If the user IDs differ, it indicates that a different Strava account is connected to DistantRace.
  • While viewing the Strava user, also check the profile name and surname and compare it with what is displayed in the profile under the Strava connection.
  1. Check if the account is connected to a DistantRace account:

    • Open your profile settings and find the section "My Apps".
    • The connection to the profile should be visible here. If it is not here, then this Strava account is not connected to the app.

  1. Resolve multiple account issues:
  • To solve this problem, first log out of your Strava account in the web browser.
  • Disconnect your Strava account from your DistantRace profile (this can be done in the "Connections" section).
  • Reconnect your Strava account to DistantRace using the same login method that was used in the Strava app on your phone.