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How to record a sports activity using the Map My Walk/Run/Ride app

The Map My Walk, Map My Run, and Map My Ride apps, which are part of the Under Armour family, offer a versatile platform for recording workouts. You can use any of these apps with the same Under Armour account. These apps have similar features and support various sports, allowing you to seamlessly switch between different activities. Whether you're using the iOS or Android version, the user experience is excellent.

How to record an activity:

  1. At the bottom of the app screen, find the timer icon and tap it.

  2. Select your desired sport type from the list. It's worth noting that any of these apps can record any type of workout. For example, you can use the Map My Walk app to record a bike ride.

  3. Wait until the device captures the GPS signal. This signal is very important for accurately tracking your workout route and distance.

  4. Once the GPS signal is established, press the "Start Workout" button to begin recording your workout.

  5. Carry your phone with you during the workout.

  6. When you have finished your workout, press the "Pause" button to temporarily stop the recording.

  7. To finish and save your workout, hold down the "Hold to Finish" button.

  8. Don't forget to press "Save Workout" to save the recorded workout in the app so that DistantRace can receive it.

If you have linked your Map My Walk/Run/Ride account with DistantRace, your recorded workout will automatically sync with DistantRace for further processing and will be added to your challenges and competitions.