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How are costs formed?

If you want to organize challenges and competitions paid for by the organizer

DistantRace offers 2 price categories and 2 different approaches.

  1. "Pro" - 1 euro per participant per month in one challenge
  2. "Pro+ Assisted" - 3 euros per participant per month in one challenge

The "Pro" level includes the use of the system and full functionality, while "Pro+ Assisted" also includes DistantRace support in event configuration.

If you choose the "Pro" level, then the organizer must create and configure the event themselves, and DistantRace team support will be available in cases of system errors or bugs. On the other hand, "Pro+ Assisted" offers consultations with DistantRace, as well as priority in problem-solving.

If you wish to organize multiple events over several months, then there is an option to subscribe to DistantRace services. The subscription period has a minimum of 1 year, during which the organizer can create an unlimited number of different events with the subscribed number of participants.

For example, if you know that the maximum number of participants that can join is 200, then by subscribing to the "Pro" level and paying 200 euros per month for the whole year, you can create an unlimited number of sports competitions and challenges each month, where each event can have up to 200 participants.

If you want to create sports events where the participant pays for their own participation

If you want to create such sports events, then we charge 3% of the transaction (minimum 40 cents per transaction) + keep in mind that the bank also takes up to 2% for the transfer.

It is possible to include our commission in the participation fee or to list it as an additional payment.

Read information about the options for integrating with payment systems.