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Why has my activity not been added in the challenge?

If you notice that one of your activities is not included in the challenge results, DistantRace provides an easy and quick way to identify the cause of this problem. Follow the steps described below to find out why your activity is not included in the challenge.

1. Open your activity list

Open your DistantRace profile view and find the link to your activity list there (or click here).

2. Find the activity in the list
Find the activity that has not been included in the virtual challenge you are participating in.

3. Open the activity

Click on the activity identifier (ID). Then you will go to the detailed view of the activity where you can see all the activity data.

4. Open challenges
At the top of the page, you will find the "Challenges" section. Click on it and you will see which challenges the activity is associated with.

5. Check the status of the activity
In the challenge section, you can see all the challenges that the activity is associated with and their status. If an activity is not included, the challenge card is colored red and a button "Why not included" appears next to it.

6. Reasons why the activity is not included

Click on the "Why not included" button and all the reasons why the activity is not included will be displayed. Most likely, the reason for non-inclusion is that the activity does not comply with the challenge rules defined by the organizer.

7. Contact the challenge organizer

If you think that the activity has not been included in the challenge due to an error, then contact the challenge organizer, arguing why the activity should be included. Each challenge organizer has the option to accept the specific activity in the challenge, and also to make changes to the activity results, if necessary.

By following these steps, you can easily understand why an activity is not included, and by contacting the organizer, change the activity status, thus ensuring that all results are calculated correctly and fairly.