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How to participate in a challenge?

Registering for challenges is a simple way to compete, maintain motivation, and achieve your set goals. Below is a step-by-step description of how to participate in challenges organized on the DistantRace platform.

1. Create a DistantRace User Account

Start by creating a DistantRace user account if you haven't done so already. This will give you the opportunity to participate in all virtual challenges hosted on the platform.

2. Install the DistantRace App

While it's not always mandatory to install our app, we recommend doing so. Install the app

3. Connect a Sports App

To record your activities or daily steps, you need to connect a sports app to your DistantRace account, such as Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto, or others supported applications. If using "Apple Health," "Google Fit," or "Health Connect" for daily step counting, then you'll need to install the DistantRace mobile app (step 2) to connect the respective service to your DistantRace account.

4. Find a Challenge

Look at all the available challenges in the DistantRace public competitions section and find the ones that suit you. If you want to join a private challenge, go to the link provided by the challenge organizer.

5. Register for the Challenge

Once you've found a challenge you want to join, familiarize yourself with all the available information - the rules of the challenge, tasks, permissible sports types, and the timing of the challenge. Find the "Register" button, press it, and fill out the registration form. Once done, you'll be registered for the challenge and can find yourself in the participant list.

6. Record Your Activities

Once registered, all that's left is the easiest part - start exercising and record your activities. Record activities with the service connected to your DistantRace account or carry out your daily activities by counting steps. All your activities and daily steps will be automatically synchronized with your DistantRace account.

7. Follow the Results

As soon as the data is synchronized, we will automatically process it and perform all the result calculations. Participants do not need to get involved in this process. All that remains is to keep track of how your and other participants' results change.