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Why create challenges on the platform?

If you are an event organizer or just want to create sports challenges for your colleagues or friends, then you have come to the right place.

We offer many and varied options:

  • Virtual Club: If you create challenges on, it all starts with creating a virtual club, and all participants who join your organized events automatically join your club, which further provides simple communication with participants, for example, informing about upcoming challenges. Each club has its own homepage on the platform, where you can get acquainted with all the club's organized events, offering participants easy access to all events and registration. In addition, the club page can include news, announcements, etc., related to club activities. It is also possible to sell club merchandise, such as t-shirts, medals, and other items, creating a sense of community among members.

  • Easily Create Events: Creating virtual challenges and competitions on is very simple. Just add an event name, some registration parameters, and rules.

  • Public On-site Events: For on-site events with a common start time, such as marathons, provides a simple registration platform and result processing.

  • Participant Management: Organizing a participant database is quite simple. On the platform, you can follow registrations, purchases, bank transactions. In addition, participants themselves have the option to change the distance or purchase additional products.

  • Results Processing and Rankings: provides result processing and automatically calculates rankings, making the organizer's job easier.

  • International Solution: Reach your participants anywhere in the world, making the sports event accessible to a diverse audience.

  • Community Building: Using, it is possible to create a sense of community among participants, providing the opportunity to communicate with each other, share experiences, and celebrate achievements.

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