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What is Distantrace? is a versatile and modern web platform offering a unique way for sports enthusiasts to participate in virtual sports challenges and register for mass sporting events.

The platform allows for the creation and participation in various types of sports events.

All events are categorized into the following groups:

  • Virtual step challenges
  • Virtual sports activity challenges
  • Virtual competitions
  • On-site sports competitions

Virtual Step Challenges

The simplest type of challenge. You need to download the app and sign up for a virtual step challenge. Steps are automatically synchronized.

Virtual Sports Activity Challenges

Sports activities include any sport activity recorded in a sports app (by pressing start/stop). At, you can connect multiple sports apps, and activities are automatically loaded into the challenge. This can include running, cycling, and many other activities.

Virtual Competitions

Sports competitions are virtual races where you can run or cycle for speed. Each competition has specific dates and times when the run/cycle must be completed. The result must be recorded in a sports app, just like in challenges. It's important to remember that does not support all sports apps - it's important to use a supported app.

On-site Sports Competitions provides competition organizers with the ability to create registration, payment, and result compilation on the platform. Organizers are offered a wide range of options, from generating diplomas and sending out WhatsApp messages to banking integrations, allowing for the automatic processing of paid invoices.