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Race certificate creation

In the DistantRace platform, it is possible to automatically generate virtual certificates for finishers.

It’s quite simple to do. Here is a short instruction:

1. Open the race certificate view

In this view, you will be able to see all distances by blocks and download the PPTX file for the certificate design for each one.

2. Create the certificate design

The certificate design must be created in PPTX format (Microsoft PowerPoint). Specific text fields in the design will be automatically replaced.

Automatic Fields
Field Race/Challenge Description
[EVENT NAME] Race & Challenge Event (Competition or Challenge) name
[COMPETITION] Race Competition name
[PARTICIPANT NAME] Race & Challenge Participant’s full name
[Participant Name] Race & Challenge Participant’s full name formatted with each word starting with a capital letter
[NR] Race Participant’s starting number
[DISTANCE] Race Name of the race distance
[GROUP] Race & Challenge Name of the participant’s group
[TEAM] Race & Challenge Team name
[FINISH DATE] Race & Challenge Date the race or challenge was completed
[RESULT] Race Finish time in the format HH:MM:SS.m
[P_D] Race Place in the distance
[P_GR] Race Place in the group
[C_D] Race Number of participants in the distance
[C_GR] Race Number of participants in the group
[AVG_SP] Race Average speed
[LAP_0] Race Lap time 1
[LAP_1] Race Lap time 2
[LAP_2] Race Lap time 3
[LAP_3] Race Lap time 4
[LAP_4] Race Lap time 5
[TIME] Challenge Total time spent in the challenge
[KM] Challenge Total kilometers covered
[STEPS] Challenge Total number of steps
[RANK] Challenge Overall result
[GRANK] Challenge Group result
[T P] Challenge Total points
[T E] Challenge Total energy
Design Samples

Designs can be created in PowerPoint, but you can also use the service, where many race certificate designs are available:

How to use to create a new design?
  1. Choose a design from the available templates:

  2. Click “Customize this template”

  1. Once you have created the desired design and added the “automatic fields”, click “Share” -> “More”.

  1. In the list, select “Microsoft PowerPoint” and click “Download”

  1. This created design can now be added to and the created design sample can be viewed.
Some race certificate samples from
Title File Sample
Colorful Modern Geometric Certificate of Participation File Colorful%20Modern%20Geometric%20Certificate%20of%20Participation3.jpeg
Orange Geometric Challenger Certificate Marathon File Orange%20Geometric%20Challenger%20Certificate%20Marathon.jpeg
Adding Certificates to DistantRace
Deleting Certificates

To delete a certificate, check the “Clear” field and click the “Save” button.

Publishing a Certificate

If “Is Published?” is checked, a certificate will be automatically generated for the participant after results are added.

Adding a New PPTX File

Click the “Browse…” button, select the certificate, and click “Save.” After clicking “Save,” a visual sample is automatically created - this can take up to a minute. If a specific font is used that displays incorrectly, please send the font to for it to be added to the system.

Generate Certificates for Participants

If results are already added for participants, you can add a virtual certificate for participants by clicking “Save & Generate.” If the participant already has a certificate, it will be regenerated.