Introduction to DistantRace

About DistantRace

DistantRace is a multifunctional platform that integrates with many and various sports applications, allowing the use of this data to create various sports challenges and competitions.

DistantRace can be used by corporate teams and groups of friends alike to create diverse sports challenges and competitions.

Besides various virtual events, DistantRace also supports in-person competitions, providing registration services, result compilation, SMS/WhatsApp message sending, diploma generation, and many other features, which we have described in the section "In-person Competitions."

To create a sports event, a "club" must be created on the DistantRace platform, which will contain all the "club" events. A club can be a company or an organizer or simply a user's name and surname, creating specific challenges and competitions.

DistantRace also provides an API to integrate DistantRace into other systems, for example, a company's HR system, to evaluate each employee's physical fitness.

All events created on the DistantRace platform fall into several groups:

  1. Daily Step Challenges
  2. Sports Activity Challenges
  3. Virtual Competitions
  4. Remote Competitions
  5. In-person Competitions

Daily Step Challenges

This is the simplest type of challenge, where daily steps taken are counted. These are compiled from the participant's phone or smartwatch. More information is available here.

Sports Activity Challenges

These are more athletic challenges, where the participant must use a sports app and press "Start" / "Stop" to begin and end an activity. The challenge involves collecting something -- whether it's kilometers, active days, time spent, or calories. Here, various types of sports can be accounted for, and data can be compiled in different ways. More information is available here.

Virtual Competitions

Virtual competitions are an opportunity to create your own internal competitions within a team, for example, who runs 10km the fastest or cycles 50km the fastest. A time window is set for the virtual competition, for example, a week, but it could also be just one day, during which a specific distance must be covered with your sports app. DistantRace automatically compiles the data and determines the winner. More information is available here.

Remote Competitions

This is similar to virtual competitions, but the task is to complete a specific single route. For example, mark a trail in the forest and create remote competitions that require completing a specific distance at a specific location within a week. DistantRace automatically compiles the data. More information is available here.

In-person Competitions

If you are a competition organizer, we offer extensive possibilities to enable participants to register through the DistantRace platform. It is possible to use only part of the capabilities provided by the platform, or all of them, including automatic data processing of results, validation of sold tickets. More information is available here.

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