How to participate in competitions? What are the types? Why is there no result?

How to participate in virtual competitions?

To participate in the virtual competitions organized on the DistantRace platform, you only need to do 2 steps - apply for the competition and record your sports activity to get a result.


  1. Create a DistantRace user account
    Start by creating a user account, if it's not done yet.

  2. Connect the service you use to record activities
    In your profile view, go to the "Connections" section and connect one of the sports apps that you plan to use to record your sports activities.

  3. Find the competition
    Go to the public competition page or use the link sent by the organizer.

  4. Apply for the competition
    Open the specific competition and click the "Registration" button. Fill out the registration form with all the necessary information.

  5. Confirmation and Payment
    Confirm the registration form. Most likely, participation in virtual competitions will be free. But if there is a participation fee for the competition, then you will have to fill in the payment details and make a payment for participation.

Recording activity:

  1. Prepare your device
    Before starting the activity recording, make sure the device has access to the GPS signal. This will allow you to record location data (activity route), which is mandatory to participate in the competition.

  2. Start the activity
    Start the recording and take the device with you during the activity. During the activity, try to achieve the best result possible.

  3. Reaching the distance
    When the necessary competition distance is reached, you can finish the activity recording. But if you want to continue your activity, extending the distance or doing a cool-down, you can certainly do that. Your result will include the time it took you to reach the required distance. The time after reaching the distance will not be taken into account.

  4. Result calculation
    When you save your activity, it will be synchronized with your DistantRace account. The result will be calculated from the beginning of the activity until the moment when the distance to which you have applied is reached. Any breaks, if used during the activity, are not subtracted from the result. Same as in a marathon - the result is calculated from start to finish.